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TOYOBO MC Corporation was established on April 1st, 2023 through investments made by both Toyobo Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation. Our goal is to contribute to solving social issues throughout the world by expanding functional materials, using Toyobo’s long-standing technical expertise and Mitsubishi Corporation’s global network and business know-how.

In this joint venture, we are not taking a conventional approach such as just having Toyobo manufacture the products and Mitsubishi Corporation simply sell the products. Both companies will actively be involved in managing the business and by self-reforming, we plan to enhance our corporate value. By doing this, we hope to make Japan’s functional materials something that is invincible in the worldwide industry.

The environment surrounding the material manufacturing industry is rapidly changing every day. Because of this, the client’s needs are becoming more diverse in the recent years, but we hope to become a company that the customers come to first when in trouble. We hope to improve our technology so that they are distinguished from other companies in the industry so that we will be able to receive request from all over the world. TOYOBO MC Corporation was established to achieve this goal. All of our employees will work together to take on this challenge.

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