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Heat chemical resistant high performance fiber


Procon® is the trade name of Toyobo MC PPS fiber.

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber with excellent heat and chemical resistance. In the world, Toyobo MC is the only company that manufactures PPS fibers with trilobal cross sections and sells them mainly for use in bag filters.


In addition to heat resistance, our PPS fibers have many excellent properties such as chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, flame retardancy, and electrical properties. In addition to general fiber products with round cross-sections, we have added products with trilobal cross-sections to our line-up based on our unique spinning technology, and they demonstrate high dust collection performance for filter applications.

Trilobal cross section and high dust collection performance
Our Procon® PPS fiber has added a modified cross section to our lineup, achieving even higher dust collection performance. Effectively collects fine particles and dust to maintain a clean environment.
Excellent material properties
PROCON® PPS fibers have excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures (150-190°C) and are resistant to most alkalis and organic solvents except for strong oxidizing agents. Excellent durability even in harsh environments.
Hydrolysis resistance
Procon® PPS fibers do not undergo hydrolysis even under high temperature and pressure. Maintains high strength while maintaining stable performance. Highly reliable operation is possible.


Our PROCON® (PPS) fiber has excellent high-temperature durability around 150°C and is resistant to hydrolysis. It has high durability against SOx gas and HCl gas under high temperature. It is mainly used as a filter cloth for bag filter applications such as biomass power generation and coal-fired power generation. In addition, it is excellent in flame retardancy and electrical insulation, and is used in various applications such as insulating materials and reinforcing fibers.

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