Water Treatment Membrane

Hollow-fiber Brine Concentration membrane module

BC Membrane

TOYOBO MC's BC Membrane is able to achieve higher concentration than 200,000 mg/L at 6 kWh/m3 which is the similar energy consumption of conventional seawater RO membrane.

With the conventional RO membrane, the feed solution is fed into outside of membrane with applying higher pressure than osmotic pressure to get the permeate and brine.
On the other hand, with TOYOBO MC's BC membrane, the same or similar concentrated solutions are applied to both outside (shell side) and inside (bore side) of the membrane with applying certain pressure to shell side. Then, the same osmotic pressure difference as applied hydraulic pressure can be obtained at the outlet of the shell side. This mechanism enables higher concentration ratio than RO membrane with the similar pressure to be achieved.


TOYOBO MC's BC membrane module has a unique configuration, which has both inlet and outlet for outside (Shell side) and inside (Bore side) of the hollow fiber membrane.
TOYOBO MC's hollow fiber membrane element with a cross winding technology, achieves the uniform and radial flow from center tube.

Save energy
It is possible to save energy by more than 70% compared to the evaporation method and by more than 40% compared to the FO method.
Highly efficient operation and fouling prevention
The large membrane surface area and chlorine injection can effectively prevent fouling, allowing efficient operation.
Numerous references
We have achieved a lot of references implementing BC membrane to recovery of valuables, salt production processes and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) for industrial wastewater.


Toyobo MC's BC membranes are used in a variety of applications around the world.
Toyobo MC continues to contribute to environmental protection, recovery of valuable materials, and efficient use of water resources through membrane-based concentration technology.

Salt production:
Concentrating seawater to obtain salt is conventionally energy intensive process as thermal process has been a major technology. TOYOBO MC's BC membrane can increase the Concentration ratio of seawater with less energy consumption than the conventional process before feeding to thermal process, increasing efficiency of salt production process.

Wastewater treatment(ZLD):
Considering environmental impact by industrial wastewater, in recent years, regulations have been tightened globally.
TOYOBO MC's BC membrane can contribute to ZLD or Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) process as a countermeasure against these issues.
It can reduce the operating cost comparing to the conventional ZLD or MLD process, and the large membrane surface area with cross-wound hollow fiber membrane can achieve stable operation against bio-fouling.

Recovery of valuable elements: Recycling valuable materials is essential in the current industrial world. TOYOBO MC's BC membrane also can be utilized recycling valuables during industrial processes or from wastewater.

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