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TWINTOLON™ is a combination filter media for deodorization and dust removal performance. The media removes not only particle but also various odorous component suspended in the atmosphere.

TWINTOLON™ is a filter media with the performance of both ELITOLON™ and ADSTOLON™. The diverse line up of ELITOLON™ and our own adsorption technology enables to accommodate the growing high performance needs.


TWINTOLON™ is a combination filter media for dust removal and deodorization. In addition to options of deodorization performance and additional functions, the combination of low-pressure drop/high efficiency ELITOLON™ effectively removes particles in the atmosphere and household odors.

Contributes to the weight reduction of equipment with united layer
TWINTOLON™ is laminated non-woven sheet with aggregate, activated carbon and dust removal layer, and it has double functions in it. TWINTOLON™ lightens the weight of installed filter element into the equipment comparing with put an independent each dust removal and deodorization filter together.
Contributes to the compact design with united layer
TWINTOLON™ significantly reduce the filter space in the equipment because of its united layer that has double function in it comparing with put an independent each dust removal and deodorization filter together.
Accommodates the differentiation needs with our diverse additional functions
TWINTOLON™ adds additional function in line with the needs.TWINTOLON™ offers selective adsorption performance for particular odorous components like acid, aldehyde and the hygiene performance such as antimicrobial and antivirus.
*Antibacterial and antiviral performance is the performance confirmed against viruses attached to the fiber of charged melt brown nonwoven. Not the performance confirmed for all fungi and viruses. Also, these performances are not intended to cure the disease.


The combi-filter like TWINTOLON™ consists of many constituent materials, and depending on how they are combined, filter media with various performances can be created. In light of that characteristics, TWINTOLON™ , which is created by comprehensively combined our tuning know-how for deodorization layer and our manufacturing technology for the dust removal layer in line with the required quality, expands its range of application.

App: Air purifier
Tips: Low-pressure drop, High deodorization capacity(food odor)

App: Cabin air filter
Tips: Low-pressure drop, Lonf life for deodorization performance)

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