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ELITOLON™ is non woven fabric that is charged by our special process and it efficiently collects dust particles suspended in the atmoshpere.

ELITOLON™ has three types of filter materials: thermal bond non-woven, needle-punch non-woven and melt-brown non-woven, and seamlessly graded in line with the required performance from each usage. Accordingly, our filter media is used in a wide range of applications such as automobile, air purifiers and OA equipments.


ELITOLON™ is non-woven fabric developed by combining original polymerization technology, fiber production technology and it is used as filter media in the electrostatic (electret) filter. Since the microfiber retains electricity, it becomes possible to efficiently collect dust particles suspended in the atmoshpere.

Load reduction of air conditioning equipments led by High-efficiency
Each grade of ELITOLON™ enables high-efficiency filtration with lower-pressure drop at from middle to high performance.
One-stop solution led by diverse line up
ELITOLON™ has a wide variety grade that enables one-stop solution for broad-ranging application needs.
Further high functionality of dust removal layer
ELITOLON™ has a unique grade that has antimicrobial and antivirus in dust removal layer. That gives more sense of security and safety at maintenance and for long time use.


ELITOLON™ is used in a wide range of applications with the grade variations that enables high-efficiency in line with each application need, our processing services and our global processing sites

App: Air purifier for home use
Tips: High-efficiency (0.3μm particles), Long-life for Oil mist ( in cigarette smoke )

App: Cabin air filter
Tips: High-efficiency (PM2.5, CN95)

App: OA equipments
Tips: High-efficiency (Coase dust), Processing services

App: Commercial HVAC
Tips: High-efficiency (Coase dust), Low-pressure drop

App: Commercial facemask
Tips: High-efficiency(PFE, BFE, VFE), Easy breathability

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