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Ultra-high-strength polyethylene fiber


IZANAS® is used in various fields because of its excellent properties.

IZANAS® is yarn made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. It has the highest level of strength and modulus as an organic fiber (it is about 8 times stronger than piano wire with same weight). IZANAS® rope only with 10mm in diameter can support up to 20 tons (theoretical value).


Tensile strength and modulus
IZANAS® has the highest level of strength and elastic modulus as an organic fiber material.
IZANAS® is a lightweight material with a specific gravity of 1 or less and floats on water.
Weather and chemical resistance
IZANAS® has excellent chemical stability and is highly resistant to light, water, organic solvents, acids and alkalis.


Taking advantage of the features of high strength, light weight, low elongation, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance, it is used in various fields.


Fishing Line


Safety Gloves


Reinforcement for Cement

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