High Performance Fibers

PBO fiber


The strongest*1 fiber with amazing flame resistance *2

*1 Composition data among existing organic fiber (as of May 2015)
*2 Decomposition temperature of 650 ℃ and limiting oxygen index 68


Zylon® consist of rigid rod chain molecules of poly (p-phenylene-2, 6-benzbisoxazole (PBO).

Tensile strength and modulus
Zylon® fiber has superior tensile strength and modulus to p-Aramid fiber.
Heat and flame resistance
Zylon® fiber has outstanding flame resistance and thermal stability among organic fibers.
Thermal conductivity
Zylon® fiber has excellent thermal conductivity in the fiber direction.


Firefighter Garment

Safety Gloves

Heat Resistant Garment

Bicycle Spokes

Bicycle Tires

Sailing Ropes

Table tennis Racket


Rider Suits

Racing Car

Japanese Bow Strings

Heat Resistant Felt

Cable cover for Welding Machine

Reinforcement for Cement

Speaker Cone

Electronic Materials


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