Polyester Spunbond


ecule is the embossed type polyester spunbond produced by our own proprietary technology.

This brand is widely used in packaging materials, interiors, automobile interior parts, etc. It is also popular as a weed control sheet and as a geotextiles and agricultural material.


Strength and stability
It exhibits excellent tensile strength and tear strength, and has excellent dimensional stability.
Excellent durability
Since it is made of polyester material, it has excellent resistance to heat, water, oil, chemical.
Excellent durability
There is little delamination and excellent processability.


Application examples: Automobile insulator, trunk lining parts, seat lining fabric, automobile interior, cushioning material

Application examples: Building materials

Application example: Geotextiles, weed control sheet

Application examples: Commodity use, Surgical drape base materials, face masks, hot pouch, industrial ducts, process paper

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