Polyester Spunbond


This is a polyester long fiber non-woven fabric made by spunbond method, produced using our own proprietary technology.

This brand is widely used for geotextiles and construction materials. There are two types, Needle punched type and chemical-bonded, and you can choose the most suitable type depending on the usage.


Strength and stability
It exhibits excellent tensile strength and tear strength, and has excellent dimensional stability.
Excellent durability
Since it is made of polyester material, it has excellent resistance to heat, water, oil, chemical.
Excellent post-processability
Since it is needle punched and chemical bonded, there is little delamination and excellent durability.


Application examples: Materials for automobile parts, filters

Application example: Asphalt Roofing Base cloth

Application example: Geotextiles Capping sheet, waterproof sheet, rainwater storage protection mat, weed control sheet

Application examples: Packaging, commodity use, industrial materials

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