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Flame-retardant polyester spunbond


Heim® is a flame-retardant polyester spunbond produced by our proprietary technology. It has excellent anti-flame spread property.

Heim is a flame-retardant material not required after-treatment and is used in applications that take advantage of its characteristics, mainly in automobiles.


Strength and stability
It exhibits excellent tensile strength and tear strength, and has excellent dimensional stability.
Excellent anti flame spread property
Heim® spunbond has passed various flame retardant tests. No generation of hazardous flue gases such as cyanide and chlorine  when burned deliberately.
Excellent durability
Since it is made of polyester material, it has excellent resistance to heat, water, oil, chemical.


Application examples: Automobile airbag wrapping materials, interior cushioning materials

Application example: Living/industrial materials, blinds, bedding, various cushioning materials

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