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Higt-Performance Polyamide Resin


High-performance polyamide resin with excellent heat resistance, high rigidity, and appearance

GLAMIDE™ is TOYOBO MC's thermoplastic polyamide resin, which was developed using our advanced polymerization and compounding technologies. It is widely used in automotive parts and industrial machinery parts.


Metal alternative
GLAMIDE™ can be used as an alternative to metals and thermoplastic resins.
Both high strength and good appearance
GLAMIDE™ meets requirements for both ample strength and good appearance.
Filler high filling grade
GLAMIDE™ has a line-up of ultra-high rigidity grades with 70% GF.
Various grades
GLAMIDE™ has a line-up of low solids grades with mineral reinforcement.
Easy molding
Injection and blow molding grades are available.


Applications:Engine covers
Advantages:Low Wrapage、Heat Resistance、High Flow

Applications:Door Mirrors
Advantages:High Rigidity、耐候性、Low Wrapage

Applications:Console Bins and Console Hinges
Advantages:Low Wrapage、High Rigidity

Applications:Ski Bindings
Advantages:High Impact Resistance、Good Appearance

Applications:Roof Racks
Advantages:High Toughness、Good Appearance

Applications:Office chairs
Advantages:Good Appearance、Weathering Resistance

Applications:Cup holders
Advantages:Low Wrapage、Heat Resistance

Applications:Door checkers
Advantages:Low Friction、High Impact Resistance

Advantages:High rididity、Flame retardant

Advantages:High Rigidity、Good Appearance

Advantages:High Rigidity、Good Appearance

Application: Switch Reason for adoption: Flame-retardant, heat-resistant

Applications:Refueling port
Advantages:High Rigidity、Good Appearance

Advantages:High Flow、High Toughness

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