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Thermoplastic polyester elastomers


High-performance elastomer with excellent heat resistance and bending fatigue resistance

PELPRENE™ is the commercial name for TOYOBO MC's thermoplastic polyester elastomers.PELPRENE™ has the properties of both rubber and engineering plastics, and is the most reliable material among thermoplastic elastomers that is closest to engineering plastics. It is used in a wide variety of fields and applications.


Original composition
A comprehensive range of performance across four composition types
From rubber to engineering plastic
A wide range of hardness
Excllent chemical resisance
PELPRENE™ has excellent oil and chemical resistance.
Excellent bending fatigue resistance
PELPRENE™ has excellent bending fatigue resistance than rubber.
Wide operating temperature range
PELPRENE™ has excellent low temperature properties
Easy molding
Compatible with injection, extrusion, and blow molding and more, offering a wide range of possibilites for applications


Applications:CVJ Boots
Advantages:Resistance to flexural fatigue、suitibility for blow molding

Applications:Accelerator pedal
Advantages:Resistance to flexural fatigue、good appearance

Applications:Cable Jackets
Advantages:Heat Resistance、flexibility

Applications:Noiseless gears
Advantages:Noise Reduction、Good Moldability

Applications:Moisture permeable film
Advantages:Moisture Permeability、flexibility

Applications:Hot curler
Advantages:Heat Resistance、flexibility

Applications:Curl dryer
Advantages:Heat Resistance、flexibility

Applications:Fuel gas cap tether
Advantages:flexibility、Chemical Resistance

Applications:Mascara Brush

Applications:Gear shift parts
Advantages:Thin-wall molding、Abrasion resistance

Applications:Diving flippers

Applications:Snowboard bindings
Advantages:flexibility、Cold resistance

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