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Thermoplastic polyester resin


Polyester resin with excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability

VYLOPET™ is a thermoplastic polyester that showcases TOYOBO MC's advanced polymerization and compounding tecnologies.
VYLOPET™ is used in a wide range of applications, especially automotive, home appliance, and mechanical component applications.


Low water absorption
Mechanical properties are not compromised by water absorption
Dimensional stability
Minimal dimentional changes with ambient temperature
Heat resistance
Can be used in high heat applications
Good appearance
Easy to achieve an excellent surface appearance
High flow
High flow properties enable thin-wall molding
Electrical properties
VYLOPET™ excellent electrical properties


Applications: Headlamp Bezels
Advantages: Low warpage, Heat resistance, High flow, Low outgassing

Applications: Electric Rice Cooker Parts
Advantages: Heat resistance, Flame retardance

Applications: Automotive Air Vent Fins
Advantages: High rigidity, Excellent surface appearance

Applications: Accelerator Pedal
Advantages: High rigidity, Two-shot molding compatibility

Applications: Connector
Advantages: Dimensional stability, Insulation

Applications: Breaker
Advantages: High rididity, Flame retardant

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