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Biomass high melting-point polyamide resin


Biomass polyamide resin with excellent heat and chemical resistance

VYLOAMIDE™ is TOYOBO MC's unique new polyamide, which was developed using our advanced polymerization and compounding technologies.
It is widely used, particularly in automobile parts, electrical and electronic components, etc.


Low water absorption
VYLOAMIDE™ has one of the lowest water absorption rates among polyamides.
High melting point
VYLOAMIDE™ has a high melting point of 315°C and excellent short-term heat resistance.
Excllent chemical resisance
VYLOAMIDE™ boasts high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, oils, and more.
High flow
VYLOAMIDE™ has excellent fluidity, allowing for the molding of thin-walled parts.
Biomass resin
VYLOAMIDE™ has a biomass content of about 30% in unreinforced grades.


Applications: Earphone jack
Advantages: Dimentional Stability, High Flow

Applications: Camera module
Advantages: High Toughness, High Strength

Applications: Switch
Advantages: High Flow, Dimentional Stability

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