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Brine Concentration system


Brine Concentration Testing Unit

This is a concentration testing unit that adopts the Brine Concentration (BC) method, which is gaining attention as a new membrane concentration method. It allows for the evaluation of applicability of the BC method for improving the concentration process, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs on a small scale.


A multifunctional and highly convenient concentration testing unit (Please note that it is compatible with 100V outlets only when in use).

Compatible with both BC (Brine Concentration) method and RO (Reverse Osmosis) method.
It is capable of verifying concentration levels, preparing concentrated solutions, and conducting concetration tests using RO method. It accommodates a wide range of concentration techniques, making it suitable for various applications requiring concentration processes.
Compact design
It is a compact concentration testing unit that can be placed on a tabletop. It allows for efficient operations even in limited spaces sucj as laboratories or factories, enabling effective utilization of available space.
Unique structure with excellent operability
The unique modular structure enhances operability.Intuitive operation allows for delicate tasks and fine adjustements to be easily, and maximizing operational efficiency.


It can be utlized for concentration tests in various applications.

Rare metal recovery (concentration test of lithium salt, etc.)

Non-heated concentration (Concentration test for ingredients that are easily deteriorated by heat)

Volume reduction and cost reduction (concentration test of wastewater and liquid waste)

Salt production (concentration test of seawater)

Food concentration (concentration test of amino acids and seasoning ingredients)

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