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We have developed a water purification device that can perform advanced treatment to the level of water for food production and drinking water.

K-FILTER® removes trace amounts of harmful organic substances such as 1,4-dioxane from groundwater and well water, and provides water purifiers that can be used for food manufacturing and drinking water. It is possible to purify water to safe, high-quality water without the generation of by-products, and the system allows repeated use of K-FILTER®, enabling water purification treatment at low cost.


This apparatus can recover high-quality solvents with low thermal decomposition components from exhaust containing VOCs. We can meet customer's needs with over 1,500 units and 40 years of experience.

High-efficiency treatment VOC in water and recovery of valuable resources
K-FILTER® has high adsorption and desorption properties, so it is highly efficient and stably removes VOCs from water. In addition, desorbing by water vapor, the volume of wastewater can be reduced and VOCs in wastewater can be recovered as valuable resources.
Selective VOC removal and space-saving design
Efficiently removes specific VOCs (e.g. 1,4-dioxane). On-site regeneration of the adsorbent requires only 1/500 to 1/1000 of the amount of activated carbon compared to the conventional adsorption type activated carbon tank, and the installation area is also small.
No routine maintenance required
No waste, such as excess sludge, is discharged, so routine maintenance in not required.
In addition, the system can recovers from standstill to operation in a short time, so it can be operated when necessary.


We recover a wide variety of organic solvents as follows. And also recover of other expensive solvents used in chemical plants.

Surplus wastewater treatment from steam desorption VOC recovery apparatus (ethyl acetate, IPA, methylene chloride, etc.)

Wastewater treatment and concentration of condensate from distillation equipment (NMP, DMAC, DMF, etc.)

Treatment of wastewater containing persistent VOCs (dioxane, etc.)

Wastewater treatment containing highly biotoxic VOCs (phenol, etc.)

Removal of persistent substances from leachate at final disposal site (dioxane, trihalomethane, etc.)

Advanced water purification treatment (dioxane, trihalomethane, mold odor, etc.)

In addition, treatment of VOC-containing water derived from chemicals, polymers, paints, coatings, photosensitizers, and battery separator processes, etc.

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