Environmental Solutions System

Catalytic oxidation apparatus, direct combustion apparatus, regenerative combustion apparatus

Combustion apparatus

Concentrator and systemization. Ideal for exhaust gas treatment in semiconductors, LCD, painting and other industries.

We analyze VOCs and other components in the exhaust gas, and utilize our combustion knowledge to select the optimal combustion apparatus. In addition, we propose more cost-effective systems, including combinations with concentration apparatus.


We offer oxidative decomposition apparatus that greatly reduces waste gneration with high efficiency. We provide the optimal apparatus tailoed to gas specifications from 3 types of fuel equipments.

High efficiency treatment with minimal secondary pollution
Optimal design based on database realizes highly efficient processing. Minimal waste generation due to dry processing.
Advanced analysis technology
We have accumulated advanced analysis technology for trace substances that may impair processing functions such as catalyst poisons. We offer consistent support from preliminary confirmation of catalyst poisons to diagnosis of catalyst life after installation of equipment.
Designed with a strong emphasis on cost-effectiveness and safety
When combined with HONEYROTOR® or K-MATROLL®, it reduces the processing airflow. Exhaust gas is used as a regenerative heat source for concentrators. We select proven burners and heaters with a strong emphasi on maximizing automation.


We provide solutions for treatment in various industries.

Toluene, xylene, etc. treatment at paint factory

IPA, PGME, etc. processing for semiconductor and LCD factories

Processing of ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. in printing factories

Methylene chloride and toluene treatment in pharmaceutical factories

Benzene, styrene, and perchloromethane processing in chemical factories

Trichlorethylene treatment at cleaning factory

Ethanol processing in food factories

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