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VOC Concentration Apparatus


Ideal for treating exhaust gas with large-airflow and low-concentration

Low-concentration gases emitted from automobile painting facilities are concentrated by our unique pretreatment and high-performance zeolite honeycomb for economical combustion treatment. We offer the HONEYROTOR® VOC Concentration-Combustion System, which reduces VOC emissions from paint exhaust gases with energy savings.


It is possible to economically treat VOC containing gases by incorporating a high performance honeycomb adsorbent manufactured using a proprietary process and adopting our poprietary cylinder-type concentrarion apparatus. We respond to customer needs with over 350 sucessful installations and more than 35 years of experience.

Excellent VOC removal performance
By using honeycomb adsorbents with a high content ratio of activated carbon and zeolite adsorbents produced through our unique manufacturing method, we demonstrate a high removal efficiency for various VOCs
Energy-saving operation
Due to its honeycomb structure, even at high wind speeds of up to 2m/s, it exhibits low pressure loss, resulting in minimal power requirements. With a concentration ratio that is more than 20 times higher (concentration ratio = raw gas flow rate / desorption gas flow rate), it is possible to significantly reduce operating costs by downsizing combustion and recovery apparatus.
Easy maintenance
It uses a lightweight honeycomb block, making it possible to replace the honeycomb adsorbent without the need for heavy equipment.


We provide solutions for organic solvent treatment in various types of facilities as follows.

Toluene, xylene, etc. treatment at paint factory

IPA, PGME, etc. processing for semiconductor and LCD factories

Processing of ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. in printing factories

Methylene chloride and toluene treatment in pharmaceutical factories

Benzene, styrene, and perchloromethane processing in chemical factories

Trichlorethylene treatment at cleaning factory

Ethanol processing in food factories

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