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VOC recovery apparatus (nitrogen desorption type)


It is ideal for situations where you want to recover and reuse water-soluble solvents or significantly reduce the discharge from recovery apparatus.

We recover ethyl acetate exhausted from printing factories and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) from semiconductor factories using the adsorbent "K-FILTER®" and our proprietary nitrogen desorption method. By reusing of water-soluble solvents, it contribute to resource conservation, regulatory compliance, and CO2 reduction efforts.


This is the apparatus designed to recover organic solvents from VOC-containing gases with minimal wastewater discharge. By combining the highly effective adsorption properties of activated carbon fiber "K-FILTER®" with our unique nitrogen desorption method, it can recover solvents with such high purity that they can be reused, even for water-soluble solvents. Additionally, since nitrogen is recycled and reused, it can be processed at low running costs.

Recovering organic solvents with low water usage(minimal wastewater discharge)
By desorbing VOCs adsorbed by K-FILTER® using heated nitrogen, it is possible to recover them with significantly lower water usage compared to desorption with steam. This enables the recovery and reuse of water-soluble solvents and substantial reduction in wastewater.
Excellent VOC removal performance
It achieves higher removal and recovery rates compared to granular activated carbon. Moreover, by using high-purity, low-catalyst K-FILTER®, VOCs can be desorbed at a low temperature (approximately 120°C) and in a short time (5 to 15 minutes), resulting in minimal decomposition or denaturation of the recovered solvent.
Energy-saving operation and compact design
The nitrogen used for VOC desorption is recycled using our unique circulation system, allowing for cost-effective operation. Furthermore, the apparatus can be installed in a lightweight and space-saving manner due to the low adsorbent filling volume, making it suitable for height restrictions. Additionally, the adsorbent experiences minimal clogging.


We are collecting the expensive solvents used in various industries and applications.

Recovery of ethyl acetate, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, etc. at printing and laminating plants

Recovery of IPA, PGME, etc. at semiconductor and LCD plants

Collection of IPA, etc. from pharmaceutical factories

Alcohol recovery at food factories

Recovery of expensive solvents from other chemical plants

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