Solvent soluble type VYLON®

A high-molecular polyester resin that dissolves in general-purpose organic solvents.

Due to its dissolving properties, it is widely used as paint for various purposes such as can paint and PCM (precoated metal), and as a solution-type adhesive.


Polyester resin soluble in general purpose organic solvents
This polyester resin is characterized by being soluble in general-purpose organic solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone and toluene. Dissolving in a solvent makes handling and processing easier.
Excellent adhesion
This polyester resin exhibits excellent adhesion to base materials such as metals, polyester films, and PVC resins. This makes it suitable for bonding and coating between various materials.
Adding performance according to required characteristics
This polyester resin forms an excellent film when used alone, but when used in combination with a hardening agent such as an isocyanate compound, melamine compound, or epoxy resin, a stronger film can be created. In addition, we can provide properties such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, pigment dispersibility, and bending processability depending on the required properties.


Pre-coat paints, can paints, magnetic paints, ink binders, dry lamination adhesives. Film surface modifiers, recording paper coating agents, vibration-damping steel plate adhesives, circuit board adhesives, etc.

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