polyester urethane resin


A polyester urethane adhesive/coating agent based on VYLON® copolymerized polyester.

Among Toyobo MC's modified copolymer polyester resins, the urethane modified copolymer polyester resins are the VYLON® UR series. VYLON® UR series is a polyester urethane designed based on the copolymerized polyester technology that Toyobo MC has accumulated over many years. Taking advantage of its excellent features, it is used in binder adhesives for magnetic tapes, paints, coating agents, blending agents for modification, etc.


Excellent adhesion
It exhibits excellent adhesion to base materials such as metal, polyester film, and PVC resin.
Pigment dispersibility
A polyester polyurethane resin whose basic skeleton is aromatic polyester resin. It has good affinity for pigments such as iron oxide and titanium oxide, and has excellent dispersibility.
Tough film formation and diverse properties
Although the resin alone forms an excellent film, using a hardening agent such as an isocyanate compound, melamine compound, or epoxy resin in combination will create an even stronger film. Additionally, various properties such as weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and bendability can be added depending on the required properties.


Magnetic paint binders, film surface modifiers, wire varnishes, vibration damping adhesives, etc.

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