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Resin for low pressure molding(solvent insoluble type)


Low-pressure encapsulation molding material that can protect printed circuit boards and electronic components

A solvent-free encapsulation molding material with low-pressure moldability and various features. It exhibits high fluidity and adheres to various substrates such as PBT, PVC, and glass epoxy. We can provide thermoplastic and thermosetting grades depending on the application and required performance. Thermoplastic is polyester-based and thermosetting is acrylate-based. Ideal for electronic component and sensor sealing applications, both in-vehicle and non-in-vehicle.


Compared to potting materials, low-pressure encapsulation molding materials contribute to process improvements and cost reductions in a variety of situations.

Low-pressure molding reduces the load on electronic components
Because it is a material with high fluidity when heated and melted, it can be sealed with minimal pressure by ``gently wrapping'' parts, which reduces the load on electronic parts. This improves component reliability and durability.
Contributing to miniaturization, thinning, and weight reduction
A compact design that takes advantage of its high fluidity is possible. This contributes to miniaturization, thinning, and weight reduction.
It is possible to reduce the amount of resin and number of parts.
Since there is no need for a case to inject liquid resin as a potting material, the amount of resin required for sealing can be reduced. By using a small molding machine and in-line, it is possible to reduce the amount of resin and the number of parts.


It can be used as a molded sealing material for automotive and non-automotive applications in delicate sensor sealing applications that require high waterproofing, dustproofing, and durability.

Sealing of flexible substrates

LED single-sided sealing

Injection seal in case

Entire sealing of the coil

Sealing harnesses and wiring parts

Partial encapsulation of substrate

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