Solvent soluble type VYLON®

A high-molecular polyester resin with crystallinity.

Due to its diverse crystallization properties, it is used as a hot melt adhesive for bonding various substrates together. In particular, it shows excellent adhesion to films such as polyester, vinyl chloride, and polycarbonate, to molded products, and to metals such as aluminum and iron. (Mainly for hot melt adhesives)


It exhibits excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and low tackiness, and is generally used as a hot melt adhesive.

Slightly soluble polyester resin with high cohesive strength
It is a polyester resin that is poorly soluble in general-purpose organic solvents because it has a crystalline melting point and structurally has high cohesive strength.
Poorly soluble resin suitable for various applications
It is poorly soluble in organic solvents, making it ideal for hot melt adhesives, hot melt extrusion coatings, and powder coatings.
Excellent adhesion and flexible delivery
It exhibits excellent adhesion to base materials such as metals, polyester films, fibers, and PVC resins. In addition, a wide range of resin designs can be designed to meet the required properties, and it can also be supplied in powder, sheet, and other forms.


Applicable to adhesive interlining, fiber adhesive processing, extruded metal coating, electric wire coating, paper container sealant, adhesive for automobile batteries, adhesive for decorative films, etc.

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