Product details

Product details

Connecting the World
with Our Materials

State-of-the-art high-performance materials and
environmental materials

Our materials are used in various products and solutions around the world.
Our strengths are leading to innovation for tomorrow, such as next-generation products aiming for a sustainable world and eco-friendly products.

Engineering Plastics

It is a plastic with excellent properties in terms of heat resistance.
It is used in automobile parts, electric/electronic parts, mechanical parts, etc.

Photo-Functional Materials

Printight®, a photosensitive resin letterpress printing material that can be developed with water.
We are developing original products such as the world's first full-scale photosensitive flexo plate "Cosmolight®".

Fine Chemicals

We are developing a wide variety of thio compounds, azide compounds, tetrazoles, carbodiimides, etc. by making use of the fundamental technologies we have cultivated over many years.

Environmental Solutions System

We have developed a device that concentrates VOCs into a gas with a small air volume and high concentration, and a VOC recovery device that uses activated carbon fiber.
Concentrators have been introduced in the fields of liquid crystals, semiconductors, paints and printing, and recovery devices in fields such as film production, converters and chemistry.

Water Treatment Membrane

We offer a variety of separation membranes, including hollow-fiber RO membranes that convert seawater into freshwater, low-pressure spiral-wound RO membranes, BC membranes capable of further concentrating seawater and industrial wastewater, FO membranes that enable membrane separation at lower operating pressures than RO, and MF membranes that can be used for MBR.

High Performance Fibers

We have developed three different types of super fiber products, namely Izanas®, Tsunooga®, and Zylon®, which are used in a variety of fields that support our lives.


A structure in which polyetherester elastomer fibers with rubber elasticity are connected in a three-dimensional direction while drawing many loops.
It is widely recognized as a cushioning material that can replace urethane foam, such as for bedding and Shinkansen seats.

Polyester staple fiber

We handle high-performance staple fiber products, including composite fibers "Toyobo Ester®" (there is also a single polyester component) that uses polyester for the core and polyethylene for the sheath.
Toyobo Ester is used as a raw material for nonwoven fabrics for hygiene products such as diapers and sanitary napkins.

Life Material

We handle high-performance textile products used as filter cloth materials for high-temperature bag filters.
A unique product lineup with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and dust collection performance.


High-performance spunbond nonwoven fabrics are popular not only for automobile interiors and industrial materials, but also as anti-grass sheets and civil engineering and agricultural materials that protect crops.

AC Material

In addition to the dust removal filter that collects dust by electrostatic force, the deodorizing filter using activated carbon,
Filters with both dust removal and deodorizing functions are available.


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